I tried Sunshine Butter, Mango Hair Balm and Insatiable Hair Balm. First I used Sunshine Butter, don't remember what rinse out/leave in I used, but results were awful, dry and frizzy. So I thought the other two must be crap as well and didn't feel like even trying them.

After a while though I decided to see if they are any better, and so glad I did. Both amazed me, especially Mango Balm. I rarely use gels, my hair loves butters and oils the most, so I have very many, tons from Etsy and indie shops, most are great, but this has stunned me. I used it after Jessicurl Too Shea as rinse out/leave in, and the way it went on was incredible, it just melted into my hair, like water, there was no feeling of coating, no greasiness, no heaviness, just pure moisture. When hair dried (I air dry) it was so shiny, soft, defined and moisturized, and it remained like that through the whole day. Looked darker too, and someone somewhere mentioned that it's a sign of good moisture levels, which I agree with. I'm growing out old color and damage from straightening, and bottom half is not as shiny and healthy looking as my virgin upper half, but this made even my damaged bottom half indistinguishable from virgin.

There's just something about it that's different from every other product I ever used. I am a huge PJ and have one of the biggest stashes there is (and I've seen pics of many, mine probably rivals Empressri's), but if I had to choose just one product to use for the rest of my life, this would be it. Insatiable is close second, almost as good. I don't know what Mango could even be compared to... Maybe Purabody Cupuacu butter, which is my other HG (only paired with Murumuru milk though, for some reason it's not as great with other leave ins), and KBB Jojoba Oil, my oil HG, gives me almost the same results too.

I know I'm type 3 and this is 4 type board, but hope this can work as well for all other types as it does for me. I haven't posted in ages because I didn't feel like I had anything valuable to add, but had to say something now. NBD customer service is very good too btw.
3b/fine/thick/normal porosity/bsl