I agree with what Curlpro says. I think they are both good cuts. But for me personally, for my hair texture, very thick, coarse, tight/curly, 3b?, the Ouidad cut was better.

I have been getting my hair cut from senior stylists at Ouidad for nine years now.

After reading the Curly Girl Handbook and following that method of not washing with shampoo or using silicone products, I was excited to get a Devachan cut with a senior stylist in May.

Frankly the Devachan cut was not the best for me, but it is probably a question of taste. A few weeks later I went back to Ouidad and got a Ouidad cut (but didn't tell my stylist!)

I only need a Ouidad cut every six months. From the Devachan stylist (actually her assistant) I learned a lot about hair care and it was totally worth it to go through that experience. She taught me how to use their products, and they are wonderful: DevaCare No Poo, DevaCare One Condition, and Heaven in Hair as a leave-in.

What I didn't like was that the person who styles your hair is an assistant. I had been spoiled at Ouidad that the person who cuts your hair styles it as well.

But the biggest drawback for me of the Devachan cut is probably that I am used to the Ouidad cut. The Devachan cut looked to me a little too stacked, a little too triangular, a little too soccer mom (forgive me for saying that). Ultimately I like the look of the Ouidad cut better, both the cut and how they style your hair. And again, I'll say it, for me it was a question of aesthetic and taste, and everyone will have a different style that they want to rock.

The main thing is to rock the curls, have fun experimenting, and not be too obsessed with finding the perfect curly cut. If you don't like one you can always get it done at another salon. I know these cuts are expensive, but they really are much cheaper than hair extensions, or relaxing, or flat ironing in the long run.

For me the biggest part of the journey is learning to rock my big curly hair, even when it's third day hair and I'm getting that frizz halo. For me the Ouidad cut is perfect because if I want tamer bouncy curls I can get that with first day hair (and I recommend their Tress Effects gel for that which has no silicones and is a light-weight wonderful gel that I rake and shake in), but if I want to fluff it out and rock third day hair I can do that too.

I hope you all have fun on your curly hair adventures!

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