I used to buy facial products from Aveda but over the past couple of years, my skin has decided to not accept Aveda any longer Too many botanicals I guess.
I can't use any of the hair products. Too heavy for my hair.
But I used to have a full service salon near my home and I went there all the time for facials, and massages. I LOVE their massages. But now I try and find less expensive ones. They do treat you very well tho Very pampering.
I'm still holding them in my back pocket if anything ever happens to my deva stylist. They're the only "backup" I can think of to have. I've had such BAD experiences with other places that also claim to know how to cut curly hair. I haven't had a decent hair cut til I found this deva stylist.
Whenever they wet my hair down and pull it out to give it a trim -- I KNOW, OH MAN!!, this person does NOT know how to cut curly hair.
One of these days I think I might try and make an appointment for a consultation to just find out exactly how they would cut my hair. I will have them take it step by step.

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b