If a couple came into my office (I am a psychotherapist) and they had this issue between them, I would be very direct with the fiance. I would ask him, are you in love with her, or her hair? I would tell him - them - that life changes all of us - we get fat, we get thin, we get wrinkles, we get middle aged bellies, we get gray, we get bald - and I would tell him that he may as well begin to get used to these processes now, because they will happen all one's life. Frankly, and I dont mean to offend you, Chrystal, I think that his attitude is very immature, and very controlling. What will happen if you marry, have children, and put on some extra pounds? will he stop loving you, will he stop finding you attractive? I know some will disagree with my stridency on this issue, but I have seen too many women suffer in life because we do not meet the Madison avenue standard of beauty - or someone doesnt understand that life is change.