I've seen his ex that he was with for years before me, and she has curlier hair than I do and she NEVER straightened it. It makes me feel kind of like, "why was it ok for her, and not for me?"

It drives me nuts.
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Ok, herein may lie your explanation. Did it end badly with her? Maybe your curls remind him - consciously or not - of her. And maybe that's not a positive correlation?

And I must say, I agree that you fall in love with a person, not their look. Marriage is a lifetime commitment (or at least that's the intent when one enters into it), and your hair, skin, body, etc will change. Having kids will change your body in ways you've never imagined. And his will change too, of course.

Turn the tables for a second - what if he went bald? Would you still love him? Find him attractive? What about when his belly starts to expand? His hair turns gray? Will you demand that he dyes it so it's not "offensive" to you?? Do either of you realize how rude that would sound?

Not trying to say this guy is a worthless a-hole, or that you are some weak little doormat!! It very well could be that in many other aspects things are wonderful! Enviable! But even the greatest guys in the world need to get some perspective. I think you should point out the concepts some of us are stating here. Do it in a calm but direct manner, and let him know how it makes you feel. Turn the tables on him (just in making an example), see of that makes him understand more.

Good luck!!
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