I know this may be super hard advice to follow, but try not to buy any other products until you've tried these. That way, you can return some of the ones that don't work and save money. I wish I had done that when I first went CG instead of buying every product in sight.

Also, the learning curve with KCCC is a little high so if you try it the first time and it doesn't look great, give it one or two more tries. I have also found that using KCKT as a leave in feels amazing if you put a tiny bit too much in your hair and then rinse it through.
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A voice of reason! My wallet thanks you Yeah I'm set for a while, I figure that even if I don't like any of those products immediately I may find I like them when I'm a few weeks/months into CG. When I start feeling like I "need" something new my next move will probably be making DIY products since it'll be cheaper.

I've read about the learning curve with KCCC, so I'll try it a few times before I pass judgment. And that's actually exactly how I used the KCKT today, I thought I used way too much at first but my hair feels pretty nice now that it's just about dry!
A very frizzy 1c/2a/F/iii, normal porosity and elasticity as far as I can tell

Current product rotation:
Low-poo: ES bubble bath
CO wash: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut
RO: SS Caitlin's Conditioner, Desert Essence Coconut, AO GBP, CJ Curl Rehab
DT: CJ Curl Rehab
LI: KCKT topped with sweet almond oil