I have experienced the same things , Mzshvy. It happened to me ALL THE TIME when I was younger. Occasionally now someone will make a flip comment. But I do notice that the people who do it most often are out of shape and unhappy with their own bodies. I think it is only fair that they be told something in return:

"Do you eat?"

Yes...but not as much as *you*, obviously

"How'd you'd get so skinny?'

By doing whatever it is you'e not doing

"You need to gain ten pounds"

Great. Can I take that huge slab hanging off your back?

Cruel? Yes. But I never hear any more lip. Who gives these people the right to criticize the way *I* look? I've seen many many big women who are just drop dead gorgeous. You are not gonna telll me I can't consider myself attractive cause I don't fit your physical specifications. And that isn't even in response to the original creator of this thread--just my 2 cents in general.
"Don't play me...I'm over 30, and I don't smoke weed"