Myrna, sorry it took so long for my reply. If you don't mind, I'll try to answer both threads that you requested stylist input here.
I do not mind at all, one bit, not even alittle, clients who bring in there own products. This is never ever a problem.
That being said, I LOVE the Deva line!! I have huge success, tons of clients, everything I need out of a haircare line, to use at home, and at the shop for all different kinds of curls.
While I hear and listen to each and every one of your complaints and concerns about the products, I do always feel if I could reach through the computer and teach you how to use it,for your paticular hair type, you would love it too
All of my education, study and practice has come through Devachan, as the founder of the curly girl method, cutting, color, and products.
Not because I am trying to push anything on you, but because I Love curlies, and I want you to love being a curly too, and after 30 plus years in this business I have found what I have been looking for, not only for my own hair but for many.
I am commited to my clients and there concerns, try my best to answer there questions. I am not a cosmetic chemist and may not be able to discuss every ingreadient in every other product out there.
I will always do what the client perfers, and use what you want me to use, and try to do what you want me to do. I will listen and care and try to help any and every way I can. But when asked my opinion, I will share what I think from my experience.
AND that's O.K.
Curly stylists offer lots of things. Cut, color, styling tecniques, products, knowledge, care and understanding. You choose what you come to us for and whether or not it is worth it for you. It is ultimately your choice as to what you want done to your hair and who you go to.
Oh, I sooo hope this doesn't come across as defensive, or wrong in some way. I really really really want to be helpful in your search, and help curlies with their hair. It is my love and passion. But I also want to help you understand your stylist. We are not the dumb, money hungry, uncaring, product pushing people some can make us out to be.
I hope this helps in some way shape or form, and answers some of your questions, and bridges a gap between clients and stylists. <3 <3 <3
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