I've tried almost the entire line (I'm modified CG so occasional cones aren't an issue for me).

The only CG friendly product is the Strong Mousse, which I love. If I layer it I find that it has enough hold that I don't need to use a gel. Dries with crunch but scrunches out nicely. My signature pic is using Strong Mousse and Amplifier.

Amplifier has a cyclo-cone, which is not water soluble but is supposed to evaporate from the hair during the drying process (there's an article on this on NC.com). This is an HG product for me.

Leave-In is super not CG (contains dimethicone), but another HG for me- keeps my hair amazingly tangle-free during 4 and 5 hour martial arts training sessions, which is the only time I'll use it. As a note, I'm finding almost as good results with As I Am Leave-In, which is CG friendly.

Shampoo is okay. Nothing really noteworthy. Not CG friendly- sulfate-free but contains cones (I don't remember if it was dimethicone or amodimethicone)

Conditioner didn't really thrill me because it was too thick and had no slip at all. Not CG friendly (dimethicone).

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Your curls are absolutely AMAZING! Thank you for the run down of each product, I can stop being so curious about it now. Too bad about all of the cones but I supposed a little cone every now and then doesn't hurt anyone :-)