Melissa, you are a peach, and you dont come off defensive at all. In fact, I want you to move here to Wisconsin so you can do my hair... I know you are probably great at what you do.

I am not really griping about my salon experience, I just dont know yet the boundaries of the woman who is doing my hair..and, she (Kari) is going on maternity leave, so another stylist will be doing my hair for a while, Heather. I am just used to liking my hair to feel a certain way, and loading it up with products - of any kind - makes my hair feel like cotton candy or steel wool. I would like to know how to approach the stylist who will be doing my hair in the absence of the one going on maternity leave. Heather - that is the other stylist- did my hair once before. I dont want to come off like I am telling her how to do her job. Also, I now use CHS roller jaw clips, and they are so wonderful for me; make my styling time way faster, I get great volume, etc. I dont know how to approach that issue either. But, your feedback is great, coming from you as a professional, and I always appreciate it.