Bigred, your presence here on the board and your insight is invaluable. We're very lucky to have you.
The thing I think Myrna - who can correct me if I'm wrong - is struggling with, is the same thing alot of us struggle with, in that we like the Deva method of cutting and coloring, but we personally don't care for the Deva line of products. For whatever reason, our hair does not react to them, our hair has reacted and responded to something else.
I know you as a stylist have said you're ok with that, and that's great because your clients probably appreciate having alternatives. Myrna's experience at Devachan seems to be that, while her stylist was willing to use what Myrna brought in, she didn't seem completely open-minded about it. So Myrna is sharing that experience here with us.

What we're all wondering is, how to handle a stylist who is defensive about a client (and by extension, any of us) who doesn't want to use the salon's main line of product (Deva or otherwise). Myrna's stylist told her she "kind of felt" as if Myrna was telling her her job. That's kind of disappointing to hear. I would prefer my stylist to be more open to having an educated client, a client who's invested in her own curly hair care, than one who blindly does whatever the stylist says and uses whatever the stylist gives her. Otherwise, why is the stylist talking while I'm in her chair? The stylist spends half the time I'm in her chair "educating" me about her salon's line of product, yet she doesn't want me to be educated? Or is that not an effort at education, but a sales pitch?
It seems that some stylists don't want educated clients, they want clients that just do what they tell us to do. And aren't smart enough to branch out, read ingredients, and figure out for ourselves what works best for our curls.

I've had similar experiences to Myrna's, you see. And I really want to go to the Devachan salon in Los Angeles that Myrna is going to now, but I have some reservations because I do not like the Deva line, and I don't want it forced on me, and I don't want to be made to feel uncomfortable if I refuse to use it.
My stylist now does an ok job if cutting my curls, she's Deva "trained" and she loves the line but understands that I don't, and will use whatever I want on my hair. I wish she were a little more creative in her technique, but she's not a bad stylist. I was hoping to go to Devachan for a rockin' haircut, but the whole experience Myrna describes scares me a bit.

Red, can you help us understand why a stylist would make a client feel that uncomfortable? Because if I were in Myrna's place, paying that much money for their services - I know they are not cheap, and in this economy it would be alot to fork over to get cut and colored at Devachan - I would seriously think of not going back.
I know I'd definitely not go back to that particular stylist.
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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