I felt funny about doing it. But I looked at it as a transition because once she understood about hair length and the weight of the hair as it gets longer, she seemed to accept her natural hair. Perhaps she's on the road to being truly natural.
I read this as that now that she's gone through tex-laxing and seeing her hair look basically the same that she appreciates her natural hair more? That it really didn't need fixing? Not sure...
4a/b Texlaxed hair w/ highlights. Medium texture & high porosity.

HG's: CJ Daily Fix, Bobeam Cheris Hibiscus shampoo bar, KC Spiral Spritz, Knot Today, CJ Rehab, KBB LL Hair Mask, Cassia, KCCC, oil blend of Avocado, Camellia, Jojoba, & Meadowfoam oils