I have to add my two cents. As a young teen I was always teased about my figure. I was tall (5'9") and extremely thin, maybe 110. I had boys telling me how pretty I would be if I gained weight. I looked like a skeleton with skin. I tried to put on weight, but couldnt. My closest friends even had remarks about my "skinny ass". When I got married at 21 I finally weighed 120. Still nothing looked good on me, my legs were unshapely sticks, bones stuck out of my back like wings, I was shaped like a boy. After 21 years and 4 kids I weigh a whopping 150. I have been able to slowly gain weight over the years and my friends who used to tease me are envious because I am still basically slender looking. So I may have suffered in my early years, but Im looking mighty good now. Basically, some of us are just born thin, like my son who is 6'2 and all of 135 pounds. He may be thin now, but as a mature man Im sure he'll fill out nicely. Just dont assume and prejudge, it hurts.