I dont get that at all

I get she put a chemical on someone hair and now that it seems a little longer maybe the person will realize that with a little length they will be able to do more

but thats my take. I detect nothing trollish at all.

If someone asked me to put a chemical on their head I wouldnt do it because I dont know what Im doing , lol

Maybe this should have been in the other forum, ( cant think of the name ) but then again maybe the OP wanted to know some thoughts
Originally Posted by Cerendipity
If that is what she is saying then it still doesnt make sense to me. Like Keeny said length doesnt necessarily mean the lady is going to get a lot of weight to pull her chemical free hair down a least not any time soon. Im about four years in and i think im just getting to where i think if i were to let my hair dry unstretched I would still show decent length. Im willing to bet the lady if she gets that much shrinkage would have to grow her hair 4 times as long to get the same wash and go looking length she gets with texturizer which might add to her frustration. So no I dont think it will help her accept her natural hair. She may just end up someone who prefers texturizers.
My take. And i dont think it is a troll either.
Btw are texturizers supposed to be on for 20 min? That seems like a long time.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.