Yeah, that's exactly how I'd describe it!

The clues were all in riddle form, so it was really helpful to know the area and local trivia and stuff... You were allowed to use smart phones or call people to figure out the answer, but you at least needed to have some understanding of it in order to figure out where to start (if that makes sense). It wasn't like you could just google the answer or something like that, you know? But, if you got stuck, you were allowed to skip one task/destination if you needed to, which was really helpful!

The first place team finished in 40 minutes... My friends and I finished in 1 hour and 49 minutes... And we came in 190th place. In our defense, there were like 290 teams, so it's not QUITE as horrible as it sounds. Haha but the people who came in first place had to have sprinted to and from every clue!
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Oh it sounds so much fun. Now to convince my daughter to doing it with me in the fall!!!
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