I had never heard of protein-sensitivity until I learned about the Curly Girl method. I never suspected that I would be sensitive so when I joined CurlTalk, I dove in and started trying everything - especially the methods that are popular in the 2 forum. I have fine hair, and I kept reading that people with fine hair benefit the most from protein treatments.

When I heard about AIgirl's gelatin treatment, I was excited because I love to know what I'm using on my hair and where it comes from. I bought a big box of Knox and used two packets on my first Protein Treatment.

After I rinsed the gelatin out, the first thing I noticed is that my hair had much less-than-normal slip for clean, wet hair. I knew to do a deep conditioning treatment immediately following the PT. Lots of girls have written that GVPCB makes a good DT, so I used that, with heat for 30 minutes. I combed it through before I rinsed my hair, and I had plenty of slip, but as soon as I rinsed it out my hair felt unmanageable and tangle-prone.

I allowed my hair to air dry naked (no leave-in or styling products) so that I could access the difference. my hair felt stiff and rough. It seems kind of silly to say that my dry hair felt dry.... but what other word is there? My hair felt less-moisturized and less-healthy than normal. I don't have a microscope to confirm, but it felt like my cuticle was all roughed up and my hairs were grabbing each other like velcro.

After a week of extra conditioning and TLC, my hair seemed back to normal. Another curltalker convinced me to not to hastily blame this on the PT, and told me I should try it again. Shame on me for not following my gut on this. I did the treatment again, this time with only one packet of gelatin. My hair had the same reaction and this time I noticed that my hair was brittle and a lot of hairs were breaking off. By now I had ordered JC DT and I conditioned, conditioned, conditioned. Within a week my hair was re-moisturized, but I'll have to wait for those broken hairs to grow back to get my max density back.

I seem to be able to handle a little protein in stylers and rinse-out conditioners.

I really want to add some natural body and texture to my hair, so I'm experimenting with much gentler protein treatments to see which proteins my hair likes and which ones my hair doesn't like. I did a strand test with Ion Effective Care (5 minutes followed by DT) and that seemed doable.
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