Wow! After posting on NC for almost four years, I never thought I'd be called a troll!! (LOL!)

To clarify, she (the lady whose hair I texturized) has never texlaxed. (I asked her after reading the posts here) Her hair used to be relaxed about 16-18 months ago .

She hates the shrinkage and is impatient, so she blow dries her hair sometimes, bandS, etc. braid/twist to get length. Then when it rains, she sweats, 3rd day hair, or when it's humid, her hair shrinks and as she said, "all that work for nothing!"

When her hair is soaking wet, it is a little bit longer than when it's dry--and that's the look she wants now.

The idea of texturizering her hair came to me after I read Good Hair many years ago in which the author texturized her hair. She wrote: "Chemically texturized hair results when a mild relaxer product is combed through the hair and left on a few minutes so it can loosen but not straighten tightly curled coils.....The goal of texturizing is to achieve a slightly loosened kink or curl that isn't far removed from your virgin hair texture."--Page 98.

Her coils took almost 20 minutes to loosen, but then I used a mild relaxer (as recommended in the book, Good Hair) instead of super like she used use to relax her hair. That's why I wrote earlier that I think her hair may be low porosity. Also, it didn't seem coarse to me.

Overall, it turned out the way she wanted it--elongated. BTW, She understands what transitioning means since she did it with braids and blow drying until she cut off the last bit of relaxed hair.

We did talk about the pros and cons of texturized hair versus natural hair. She did agree to have more patience with her hair and this time, not use heat or banding. I did recommend hairstyles that was conducive to her hair type and shrinkage, and she seemed to like those ideas. (She wore one of those styles as of this post) They mostly include part corn row/flat twists with the rest of her hair out as well as using some scarves.

She still wants to do a WNG without the braids or twists, but now she's willing to wait until her her grows longer without using any kind of chemical.

I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for your comments.
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