Hi, CurlyMJ, I am in the Madison/Middleton area, but I work in Sun Prairie and I go to Hair Excellence. Kari is my current stylist, and Heather has done my hair as well. Where in Wisconsin are you?

Claudine, if doctors, medical students, are not taught to communicate with their patients, do you think stylists are? Im not being difficult, but as an allied health professional, I know doctors SHOULD learn to communicate with patients but there are some real horror stories out there. So, stylists are probably NOT taught to communicate with their clients. In fact, I was once at a beauty school getting a pedicure, which should be a relaxing experience, no? the young woman working on my feet began to tell me how she was molested as a child. Now, I am a therapist, I hear these stories every day, but I dont want to hear them when I am being pampered. I had to let her supervisor know that she needed to refer this young woman to an employee assistance program for her emotional issues. So no. They dont.