If she's happy with her results, that's positive, but as someone who was natural for 4 years, then texturized for one, now over 2 years from transitioning back to natural hair, I can say that it is likely that her styling will not be as easy as one may think.

My texturized hair was ok the first month then got incredibly dry and matted, even with the whole protein moisture balance with dc's and treatments. I used a very mild relaxer for color treated hair, left on for 10 minutes over hair that was heavily coated with tons of Vaseline and olive oil, and it still changed dramatically.

My curl pattern was all curls mixed with stringy pieces, wash n gos were impossible after the first month and my natural hair started growing back in. I lived in braid outs to get a somewhat decent looking style.

Saying all that, I know everyone's hair is different, but a texturizer can be very high maintenance and cause incredible dryness even with the best precautions. I wish I would have waited, and put my hair in a bun for awhile outta my face instead of going the chemical route. There are ton of ways to stretch the hair, and keep it that was by preserving at night. Just wanted to give my texturizer experience, I hope everything works out for your friend.

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