"If I'm paying for a service, why is it that I am the one doing all the understanding? Even "focusing on the positive," (which means biting my tongue at half the stuff that comes out of a stylist's mouth) I can't tell you how often I kind of just tolerate the salon experience/stylist because I can't find anything better."

This is so often my experience as well, and it's truly tiresome.

I get around the products issue because I'm not fully CG, and I don't get my hair styled at the salon. Yet, I know I'm compromising in order to get a good cut.

I think that stylist/client communication is a far more complicated interaction than it's given credit for. And because of that, I wonder, what are stylists really taught about interacting with their clients?
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+1 to this! I've had so many times when I've known what I wanted to tell my stylist, but didn't because I didn't know how she'd take it! But like its been said before, I'm paying for a service, and I want it done right... Ive been going to the same hairdresser for years, and I trust her, but feel like she could listen to me more-- like when I tell her what I want done, to not make me feel silly if what I say doesn't make a whole lot of sense to her, and try to understand what it is I'm asking instead of brushing it off.
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