Yes, it can get very overwhelming, but I also get how frustrating it can be to post a question and not get a response. For me, I'm hesitant to post a reply if I'm not sure I have the answer. As far as your hair concerns, I can offer my two cents, but since I've never experienced that issue I don't know if my advice will help or not. But here goes:

I would say your is likely to need major doses of two things: moisture and protein. I don't know what your hair properties are, but based on the heat damage your describing, those are my suggestions. The protein should help repair the damage, and moisture to balance it out and hydrate. I would also venture to guess that your hair may not ever be as curly as it used to be, until the damaged hair has grown out and you get new growth. As far as product suggestions, I've heard of some protein treatments you can get at Sally's, or you can make your own (I've read of people using gelatin). And then I would use very moisturizing products. If you're on a budget, I really like TN moisture or GVP CB. I've also heard good things about Ion effective care as a RO (has protein and moisture I think). Whatever you end up using, just be prepared for it to take some time and a lot of TLC. HTH - good luck!

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