I'm so beyond excited to ditch the gel. Although I'm going to the beach for a week on Friday and I might bring some for an emergency. My hair always dies crazy things at the beach.

My favorite thing about condition only for everything is how you get in the shower to initially wet your hair and it's gets reactivated. I love how silky my hair is.

I'm still having problems with wiry ends. It's only in the underneath of my hair that's kinky 3b. I've been adding conditioner at night to sleep on them and adding a Li to my Li on the ends. HTH. If not hopefully a haircut will fix it.

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3A 3B mix
Colored treated
Combo Low and High porosity
Medium coarse texture

Goosefootprints hair analysis
Co-wash- As I Am Co-wash
LI- As I Am leave in,
Style- la looks sport gel