Oohh I used tresemme naturals! Maybe that's it! What was the better conditioner?? The only other one I have now is herbal essences hello hydration so I'll try that but it's very thick so idk...hmm...and I totally get you about the second day hair! I'm a wavy and my hair looks horrible after I sleep so I end up wetting it and scrunching in some leave in and gel which works pretty well!
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I use L'Oreal Eversleek as a LI.
Since you have wavy hair though it might just be a balance between finding something that has hold but isn't so heavy it smothers your hair. I have two wavy friends and I know they both like to use a moisturizing mouse because it's lighter than a conditioner but gives them hold without the crunch of a gel. I have no idea what brands they use but their hair always looks awesome. =)