* A little coconut oil (I seal my face. Wannafightabouddit?! )
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I seal my lips with grape seed oil...who gon' check me boo...?

Aww...you guys are so cute with your little lists...!

I'm shamed to say I have a list saved on my computer with face, bath, body, hair removal, hair, and feminine care holy grails. AND a separate list for things I like to rotate into my regimen when I'm not using my HGs.

Both lists have each product color-coded according to what store to buy from. Both lists include prices at the end of the product name. And I'm doubly embarrassed to admit that I've recently started keeping a notebook where I write down local sales/discounts so I can get the best price. Yeah, I'm kinda CDO. smh. I shall not even share... I'm glad this thread exists though, give me new ideas .

And noooo, I'm not a PJ .