i think i might have messed up my hair when iused this softener. ok so i used it last december but instead of leaving it for five mins my mom left it for 30 and kept combing it through so as i suspected, it came out straight. well most parts anyway, and the rest was still coarse and kinky. i am half indian half negro so you can imagine my hair. so i did it again after a month and some of the curl was restored but some parts were still straight. i decided i will let everything grow out and do it all over again. but people keep telling me it looks like it has broken. help please. thats nott the rest of the story but i dont want to bombard anyone please help!
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First of all a month is way to soon to reapply this kind of chemical treatment. If your hair is breaking extensively I suggest you get it cut before the damage gets worse. If you want to chemically alter your hair again use this growing out phase to do your research on how to care for it. Or you can learn to care for your hair in its natural state. I also suggest you visit the transitioning section because growing out chemicals is a difficult process.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.