I know exactly where your coming from, I'm mixed too ( Black and white ) and was never really taught how to take care of my curly hair ( i have all textures from 2c to 3c on my head ) until I took it upon myself (I'm 16 now) to learn. this is what i did then and mostly do now :

- wash my hair ( once or twice a week )
- then i detangle while in the shower with a wide tooth comb and conditioner in my hair and keep hair detangled while rinsing out the conditioner
- deep condition
- and then after rinsing out the conditioner i make sure my hair is damp, and i section it off into about 10 sections and working one section at a time distribute a leave in, twist the section and secure it with a perm rod or flexi rod until its completely dry
- after hair is dry just untwist fluff a lil and there you go just retwist at night to maintain and dont for get to add a bit more leave in while retwisting