I don't post a lot, and I am still trying to learn how to navigate everything. I sold a product to a person on here, and I included shipping in the cost of the item. She purchased it on Friday evening, I purchased shipping cost online and the item was in transit. On Monday she filed a complaint with Paypal saying she hadn't received the item and demanded a full refund. this is really stressful for me, I am moving right now, and I didn't need this right now.
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If you purchased on PayPal or USPS, you can check the shipping confirmation to see where the package is--it may have arrived at this point. Your buyer is being unreasonable to expect the item to arrive so quickly. If she paid you for "goods" and not a "gift" AND you did the shipping label through PayPal--it will show when the item is delivered because of the automatic shipping confirmation in your final price. PayPal will back you in the dispute, no problem.

This is the reason that I only do PayPal shipping and receive payment for "goods." It's worth the charges to have the shipping confirmation and PayPal support--just in case.
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