I still haven't found anything I'm crazy about. Every day when I wash my face I'm still mad at PSF.

VTmom, at least they have a decent priced sample size set for trying out, I like that!
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Ugh, I'm still pissed at PSF. The DY works reasonably well, but my skin is nowhere near what it used to be with the GCC. I have a lot more acne (it's small, thankfully) and my skin just isn't as smooth. I've been trying to find something to finally take PSF's place, but everything I find is a bunch of "natural", "organic" mumbo jumbo that doesn't get right to the point and have what I'm looking for: 5.5 ph, no detergents. I don't care about the myriad organic extracts of virgin tears you have. I just want a well-formulated cleanser.
**** PSF.