Ok ladies, when I was researching keratin treatments before I started this process, I could never find before and after pics on the Internet, except for ONE girl who posted here (bless her heart).

So... I am posting my pics for all those who haven't taken the plunge and are wondering what keratin does to your curls.

In one year, I used the original formaldehyde-based Global Keratin brand four times, and one treatment of original Brazilian Blowout.

I am not promoting formaldehyde in any way, and in fact, refuse to use these products again because the health risk is too great.

Picture #1 is me completely "au naturel." Pic #2 is my favourite (although many curlies will disagree). This look lasted only one month on me. Pic #3 and beyond show my current hair. I am 6 months post-keratin with approx 3 inches of curly regrowth. Remember that the base of my hair has been treated FIVE times so the curl pattern is quite different.

I am looking for a solution that will both treat my curly root problem AND be an effective long-term, safe solution for loosening curls and defrizzing hair.

Sorry the images are blurry.
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Pics of my pre- and post-keratin hair-hair-process.jpg