But bees are cute! (Bees and I have a love-hate relationship. There are millions of carpenter bees around my office and they are so cute and fat. As long as they are at least 10 feet away!).

Anyway, long story short, I can see time. And time has a certain location in space. Like August is larger than the rest of the months and is to the left of me about an arm's length away. Saturday and Sunday are larger than the rest of the days of the week and are the left of the rest of the days. Monday through Friday are listed in order on the right with Friday slightly curving into Saturday... Those are just a few examples...

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That's a form of synesthesia. I have that, too, with months, weeks, and numbers. I see them in a certain form in my head, and they have properties that my brain assigned them way back when I was a kid. I used to have colors and animals associated with the alphabet, but I grew out of that part of it.

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2c/3a with 2b underlayer. Fine, porous. Loves protein. But not hydrolized wheat protein. Yuck.

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