One thing that bothers me most about when it comes to being natural is that a lot of us somehow inherit this "greater than thou" complex just because you decided to embrace your natural texture and stop perming it. I dont knw who appointed anyone to being some supreme judge on who someone is based on their hair. Ya ok you broke free of the shackles of perm and went straight into another hold of being defined by how natural you are in comparison to how chemically altered your hair is? Really?

The whole point of going natural for most people is they want to try to manage their natural texture now because they couldnt when they were younger or whoever was taking care of their hair couldnt, and they are now equipped with more knowledge than their parents had possibly because they have a different texture or simply because they feel that their hair is an extension of who they are and they want to let that shine thru.

WHatever the reason is, neither me nor anyone else has the right to judge anyone based on the choices they make about their hair. If someone wants to keep perming it, who cares! Thats their choice, they may like their hair better straight not because soceity tells them to but because thats what they like, maybe its easier for them to style and manage and i can def understand that. If someone chooses to blow dry and flat iron their curls, so what! Curlies have been blessed with the gift of 'style versatility'. Our hair can be straight, it can be wavy, curly, kinky within 5 minutes if we want it to. Why not be able to embrace all facets of your hair? If someone chooses to be colour their hair, why not? if it breaks well they need to make better decisions on the colour they use, whos doing it, and how well they treat and take care of it afterwards.

Being natural is all about embracing what we were blessed with, some of us are not blessed enough to be able to rock the natural look and feel like it reflects who we are. But when youre natural and looking down on others because theyve chosen not to follow in your foot steps, how does that reflect on you? You left perm to be liberated but then go and create a whole other shackle under the "natural" premise? Please. Who are you to condemn a place you came from? IMO if you're bashing people who arent natural or who dont style their hair under some specific guideline for their hair type, you're voicing insecurities and issues you have with yourself and your own hair. Your M.O. might not be someone elses.

Bottom line, live and let live. I love being natural, ive transitioned from being texlaxed because as a young child with hair down to my waist at the time, i couldnt manage my big ole head of hair. Now that im older and wiser, i can do what I please with it cuz i understand my hair and know what it needs to thrive and be itself without chemicals. But by no means do i judge anyone who hasnt cuz it just doesnt matter. And neither should anyone else cuz it makes you no better than the people who put the idea in our heads that straight hair is somehow the better hair to have. Whatever hair you wanna have is the hair you should have.

All the judgement makes me sick and i had to rant about it.
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+1000 to all the bolded parts.

I wear my hair in two strand twists a lot. I like the way they look on me and they keep my ends from tangling too much and they allow me styling versatility. Occassionally I'll wear my hair in a twist out as well. I actually had someone tell me recently that I'm not really wearing my hair "natural" since I rarely WnG. This person does WnG much more frequently than I do and though her hair is a little longer than mine, she has to cut it a great deal since she's always getting tangles and knots on the ends that cause splits and breakage. At the rate she is going, her hair will be shorter than mine in no time since she is not really retaining length (and I am)...

Anyhoo, her hair is also (IMO) a frizzy hot mess in the WnG she sports because it's really uneven and has no shape. She cuts her hair herself and just whacks off damaged and broken parts without regard to how lopsided it makes her hair look.

I talked about the fact that when my hair gets to APL stretched that I plan to heat straighten my hair just for something different. What did I say that for? She started in on me about how she'll never heat straighten her hair because she cares about her tresses and wants to take good care of them. Mind you, about 2 or 3 years ago, she went to a salon and let them flat iron her hair so straight that it caused a major setback for her and she had to (once again) chop off a great deal of her length from heat damage. I told her that if I wanted to heat straighten my hair for the first time in 20 something odd years then I wouldn't consider that exactly neglecting my hair. She ignored that and just kept going on and on about all these things that she will not do to HER hair because she is truly a "natural" seeking a healthy head of hair; the implication being that anyone who doesn't agree and go along with her natural hair agenda and methodology is a pretender.

It was quite irritating, not to mention annoying...
Can't we all just get along?
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