I'm looking for another oil to use on my hair. My hair is highly porous, and really only loves hydrolyzed proteins, and seems to like jamaican black castor oil (I just tried it a few days ago) and jojoba oil (Desert Essence), which i know has a little bit of protein. I used both of those to seal, with JBCO only on the ends.

My hair does not seem like EVOO, and grapeseed oil can be okay, but I always prefer jojoba oil. The odd thing, though, is that coconut oil does NOT work on my hair. I know that coconut oil helps to retain the protein that is already in your hair. This suggests that my hair already has a sufficient amount of protein, but I'm not sure why it doesn't react negatively to the jojoba oil...:/

Can anyone help explain this? Also, any suggestions for other oils that my work with my hair?

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