Thanks!!! From what I can see in your avatar your hair is pretty too!
I had actually been against hair dye for about 3 years, because I had damaged my hair trying to make it a Light brown/Dark blonde color. I had been doing some experimenting with honey as a humectant not realizing it has peroxide in it and it turned my hair an ashy brownish color that I hated. My natural color is very dark brown. So a couple of months ago I colored my hair black with Bigen. Its a deposit only permanent color, no ammonia or peroxide, so its only good for darkening hair. It was really gentle it didnt dry my hair out or anything and with me doing wash n go's almost daily, I'd say its holding up pretty well.

What are your current hair goals?
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You know I actually used to swear by Bigen. I loved that stuff for the same reasons you said until in January I redyed my hair, didn't do anything different just used the oriental black like I always do and that night I had an allergic reation. My scalp was inflamed and itchy and it had these weird sores all over and the back of my neck swelled up and was itchy with a rash on it. My back and arms also had a rash on it. It was horrible and I thought it was severe but when I googled "allergic reactions caused by Bigen I saw some girls had it really bad and I was glad for mine which turned out to be really mild.

I'm not trying to be one of those know it alls or tell you what to do or anything but it was scary when it happened to me and seeing/reading about the other women it happened to. And I've been using bigen for years now, I'm not sensitive to color I did some serious experimenting with it in high school so I just want to warn you.

I read that its because it has what is considered a high ppd content.

Okay on to your question. My short term goal is to be full WL. I think I'm touching it right now when stretched but I want it to be full, undeniable WL by the end of summer so I'm gonna length check it again in september. I feel like its taking me forever cus I have a long torso being 5 8.