Day 9...switched gears a little & started the master cleanse...its not as bad as I remember from before. I'm not sure how long I will do it but I know I'm taking a break on Monday bc I have class/another presentation and cleansing just does not fit into that schedule.

I am down another 3pounds and another half inch from my waist,hips, thighs, & calf. I'm hoping to get in another mile walk this evening once it cools down some and after I complete my midterm/another paper but we'll see how things go!
Hair Type: A head full of THICK, normal porosity curls/coils that I am TOTALLY in LUV with!
(Transitioned for 16 & 1/2 months)

Loving: MC LI Condish, Raw shea butter, Coconut & Grapeseed Oil, SM raw shea butter shampoo,HEHH Conditioner, Braggs ACV & Egg, Mayo & EVOO PT's