Soooo I'm new to being natural and I'm already a pj!😜 but anywho I have so much stuff do here we go!

Face: olive oil soap bar and thats it! It's good for acne and moisture from the olive oil is all you need for a moisturizer

Hair :
Sm ces
Sm dTM
Sm style milk
Sm curling souffle
Sm anti breakage masque
Giovanni direct leave in
Jojoba oil
Almond oil
Coconut oil
Tea tree oil
Yes to carrots
Trader joes nourish spa condish
Tee tree tingle
Wen fig
Wen pomegranate
Wen Mango coconut
Aussie li
Shea butter
Eco styler oo
Hair one
Suave naturals
Vitamin e oil

And so much more... I really need to stop and haut figure it out 😳