To those taking vitamin has been found to not be necessary to take as a supplement, and possibly even harmful. If your doc told you to take it, then take it, but this is articles has some good info to be aware of.
See this NY Times article:

Here's 2 quotes from the article:
"...some prominent doctors have said that most people need supplements or they will be at increased risk for a wide variety of illnesses, including heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases."

"Evidence also suggests that high levels of vitamin D can increase the risks for fractures and the overall death rate and can raise the risk for other diseases. While those studies are not conclusive, any risk looms large when there is no demonstrable benefit."

I know your hair and nails require vitamin D to maintain health, but I wasn't aware there was a huge connection between D and hair health. However, I stopped taking D a few weeks ago, and coincidently I have been losing a ton of hair everyday for the past few weeks...I wonder if there's a connection there. (I know stress is part of my problem).
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