I REALLY REALLY want to use this "Hair Wash" product but want to know what i'm getting into first before coughing up the $$. I've called Terressentials and spoke with a sales lady as well as read the website numerous times, but I also want first hand experience of what is it like for a chemically color treated curly?

So who has used this product and detoxed that has chemically colored their hair? I hear such great things, but not enough from curlies who have colored their hair. So here are a couple of questions i have:

1. How long have you been using the Hair wash and how long did you detox?
2. For real, how jacked does/did your hair look once you could see its "true" state?
3. If your hair looked or feeled jacked initially, over time did you eventually have bomb.com results?
4. Do you use any other products now?


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