You seemed to have missed my point. I didn't say you were arrogant, I said it's arrogant to feel sorry for people because you assume that choosing a different lifestyle from your own somehow means other people can't be happy.
That your cousins aren't happy with their choices doesn't negate what I said.

And you still don't get that you are implying what you do for fun is the ideal. People aren't against partying nor has anyone said that it's a bad thing. What some of us are saying is that not everyone enjoys the same things you do. The idea of going to Vegas is to me one of the most unappealing thoughts ever. You'd have to pay me to go there. You think it sounds like fun. People have different ideas of what constitutes as fun. So maybe some people feel they're living as they like, even if it doesn't measure up for you.
And not everyone thinks they're wasting their youth because they decided to share their lives with someone they found and felt was the right person for them.
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Haha, you're saying I don't know what my cousins need when you don't even know them. That's funny to me! They're worse than I am and I know they're marrying because they're lonely. I know how they are, you don't. That's the end of that story

And I am WELL aware that my idea of having fun isn't the idea for everyone else. What I was SAYING was that people should do things that they consider fun, be a little wild sometimes, instead of actively looking for a relationship. When something is GOOD it will last whether or not you get married or not. I was ALSO saying that I wasn't into partying until recently. What someone may be into when they're 21 is definitely not what they're into when they're 23 or 24. People change drastically when they're in their twenties, I do not understand why you are not grasping this concept.

Do you get it now?

And as for still having a BF and doing all those things, that's wonderful but I don't want the responsibility of a relationship. Having to call someone and talk to them all the time is not something I want to do. And when I make those amazing memories (as of NOW) I don't want to look back and see an ex-bf in my mind. Why? Because I know that if I was to get in a relationship RN it would be temporary. Have I been in love before? SURE! Did I ever want to marry any of them? Nope. Being in love isn't enough for me to get married. Love is just one thing you need for marriage. There are so many OTHER things you need in a marriage besides love.

And partying and being wild isn't stupid, haha. It's called getting that **** out of the way so I don't turn into those loser thirty year olds you see at clubs still trying to be cool SMH
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