I've never felt that having a serious bf has stopped me from partying, eating out with friends, travelling etc. In fact I tend to have a way more active and fun social life with a supportive partner. The right person adds to your life, not stifles you from living it!
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Historically, tho, when folks got married, it meant the woman had to give up her educational pursuits/career and start having babies. If her husband wanted to move to further his career, she had to defer to his plans and move with him. And then if the marriage ended (his choice), she was left w/ no prospects and only a shaky idea of who she was as a person bc she'd spent her entire adulthood up under his thumb.

I don't think the main issue is partying and socializing...but when people get married really young, they haven't dated much (as adults) and don't have a good sense of what they really want and need in a partner. Sometimes it just works out and they happen to make a good choice and the two people grow together. But sometimes it doesn't.