Mr. Spring needs to go into business as a motivational coach!

Iroc - It's amazing isn't it, how quickly you start seeing results? It is definitely a motivator to keep going!

Today was L2D6. Yay! Today was also weigh-in day. No Yay! The scale read 142, so I gained 1.2 lbs. I'm really not that bothered by the number because I feel so much better and I'm seeing more definition all over my body. I was even able to fasten my bra on the 1st row of hooks, so something is happening!

I did a step & tone workout this afternoon. I've had much more energy today after only adding 10 more grams/day of carbs. I also got a heart rate monitor watch at my local sports store. I was wondering whether or not my online fitness tracker was accurately estimating my calories burned during exercise. It calculated my step workout almost exactly as I had been logging it, only a 3 calorie difference, so that's good. I'll be wearing it tomorrow for The Shred to see whether that one is accurate as well.

I seem to be doing everything I'm supposed to do to lose weight and it's bound to start happening soon. Right?!?
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