I got married at 25 to a man I had dated since we were both 18. I have NEVER been a partier and never wanted to be. We dated for a long time because having that "marriage" title wasn't all that important, despite knowing it was "right" and neither of us were going anywhere. As someone else mentioned upthread, having a husband who supports me and everything that I want to do has allowed me to do more than I could have if I was single and going it alone. We have grown together, but were both very mature for our ages all along. We went into marriage with full knowledge of what we wanted and what we were willing to put in. I think it comes down to the people involved, and most definitely not their ages.

If you're not ready for or don't ever want marriage, good for you. Live your life how you want, but it's a little much to say you feel sorry for someone who makes another choice. I assure you, no one who's made a conscious choice needs your sympathy.

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