I agree with Cerendipity. Nothing about this was trollish. I mean honestly....

....and I get what the OP is saying in essence. Not everyone is "okay" with their natural hair due to various factors. Some might not want it to be kinky, some may not want it to shrink. Yes, her hair is technically chemically treated now but the appearance of her hair is still the same. It sounds like the OP is hopeful that maybe this will put her a tiny step forward in accepting and understanding her hair texture and hair pattern. I know a woman who had to consistenyl wear natural hair looking weaves and wigs that resembled her natural hair before she was "okay" with going natural. I know people who had to transition to relaxing to texlaxing slowly but surely before going ahead and going natural.

Id honestly rather this woman have texlaxed hair, that makes her feel confident and that still resembles her natural hair pattern with only slight elongation, than her turning around and getting her hair relaxed completely. OR her being and staying completely natural, but because she doesn't understand her hair pattern ends up hating it because of the shrinkage and have low self esteem.This woman could have very well been on the brink of the latter but the former may make her still accepting of at least liking her hair pattern and possibly try being natural (happily) again. Also, personally, I find transitioning from texurized hair much more simple, than transitioning from relaxed hair...but that's another story.

Not everyones hair journey is the same, and one thing I've learned over the years is just because someone elses journey isnt your own or you dont understand it doesn't make it cool to discredit it. I ended up accepting and loving my natural hair only AFTER I pressed the crap out of it. I suppose the OP just innocently wanted thoughts and opinions.....without her post being called trollish.