My first day starting to exercise today. Did most of the Latin party sizzling salsa workout. I feel totally out of shape. Later I'm going to do the total body tone video when my daughter is asleep. Didn't wake up as early as I wanted but that's ok. It's just the first day.

Not really going on a diet but I'm cutting down a lot on pop and juice. That's going to get rid of a whole lot of calories. I'm going to up my water. My weight tended to stay low when I was drinking water everytime I was thirsty instead of juice n stuff. Also I'm alternating between my prenatal vitamins and a b50 vitamin. And also I started taking biotin.

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ITA ab the soda. I stopped drinking it YEARS ago and my weight remained stable longer (except when I was pregnant of course lol) when I gave it up and although I never had issues w/pimples my complexion seemed clearer when I gave that up and other sweets.

I also swear by my prenatal and biotin combo every morning and my hair and body has thanked me for it. I actually reached APL (don't know the exact date but I straightened my hair last wk & just realized it) & I've NEVER been APL in my life so I'm more than pleased! Just continue to keep up the good work...its that consistent love and care that makes the most difference in our hair as well as our bodies!

So...I'm on day 10 of my journey and day 2 of my master appetite is all but gone...well it was until I just saw that checkers commercial! Lol. No exercise today.... I've been working nonstop on my mid-term/papers and just now stopped to break before I start back again...I'm sooo over school work right now but I know its all worth it in the end...
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