Oh no! I did not mean to insult. I meant the creeps who run up to young females and telling them they have a yacht. I have run into so many men in their thirties to forties who run towards me like a bunch of perves to brag about the money they have. It's so weird. And a lot of them are MARRIED. I think that just strengthens my belief that men should go ahead and get their promiscuity out of the way until they're tired of it. If I can count how many times older men have come to me to tell me about their homes and travels and how they have a GF at home, but it's not ~important~. It's rather insulting! Makes me think such talk works with most young women though. It doesn't help that I live in a very expensive part of Cali where the avg. home is a million dollars, so I'm sure a lot of these men aren't joking. But I'm not interested.

If you're chillin' with your girls and friends or whoever, then get it gurl. I'm more bothered by the weirdos who are trying to be hip and cool with the 21 year olds. You know what I mean?

Anyway, can I just say I admire your lifestyle? I kind of want to be you in a decade

I agree with you 100%. I mainly hope to meet a man that can keep up with me (not right no though). A lot of guys I have met believe in the traditional **** and I am not down for that nor am I in a rush to have children. I was a nanny and that was the biggest birth control ever. I'm convinced that my mid-thirties will be dedicated to childcare, but RN I want some things, you know? I want to be like you and chill at the poolside with my cocktail and giggle with my girlfriends.

If a man accepts me as is then I'm down for it.
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Oh okay, yes a lot of those guys might have 'missed out' when they were younger(got married too young and regretted it) but a lot of them are also just pervy and are always going to be that way regardless. I am not into much older men, never have been. And definitely never impressed by his money, huge red flag if a guy feels the need to mention that to me so soon. Guys that need to buy women are usually lame and not my type.

I don't see any reason why you can't continue your lifestyle in a decade, unless you have no money, because it does cost to play. You can do it on a budget though. One of the girls on the vegas trip is older than me with hubbie and child, doesn't stop her. I would want hubbie with me though. I think it's important to find someone where those values match up. My ex and I did not, he hated travelling and I was miserable for that, amongst many other reasons. I also don't like travelling without my SO in general. When I'm in a relationship, I want my guy to be my best friend because what I want and need out of a relationship. Personally I wish it woulda worked with us, but I don't mind being single for now, not ready to try the relationship thing again yet. I also love having my own space right now and be able to pick up and do whatever I want.

I know what you mean by women who get married just because that's what you are supposed to do. I do think some are missing out. And many tend to be judgemental of my lifestyle but whatever, most people are judgemental. I know I am of some things.