I really don't think it's an issue of talking about this, or anything else for that matter. It becomes an issue when views or choices are expressed as superior.
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I don't understand this type of logic. Anyone with an opinion obviously thinks they're right. IDK what you're trying to say here. People will forever be somewhat bias and feel that what they think is more superior than what someone else thinks.

Honestly, no one is angry in here or anything. People have different opinions and there's nothing wrong with that. I feel like if it bothers or offends people they are welcome to not read anything or just discuss the topic with people that would agree with them, but how does that allow for growth? Isn't life about broadening your horizons and thinking outside of the box?

As for myself, I don't like people agreeing with me. Nothing wrong with a healthy discussion with some differing views. It helps to shape your own POV and introduces you to new things. It might change someone's mind in the end anyway.

That's my take on it anyway
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