It's awful, but I'm not that surprised. Most kids are great, but there are some who just have absolutely no respect for anyone. Especially someone like the bus monitor on the last day of school, who has no real power to bring any consequences. I keep hearing people say things like "she should have told them to stop, made them sit apart, taken away their camera, kicked them off the bus." But the truth is, if a student refuses when you ask them to do something there's not anything else you can do, you're not allowed to touch them at all and they know it. Working with students the last few years the phrase I've heard over and over directed at any number of adults was "MAKE ME." Ugh.

I think it's great that she has the money to retire now, if she wants.

I think schools need more effective ways to discipline kids.

Parents need to get it together with disciplining their kids too.

4a?? Maybe 3c...some 4b??? No clue

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