My hair is 4b/c, thick, coarse and dense. What I started doing is: 1st - rinsing my hair with conditioner, like VO5, or any co-wash conditioner, then rinsing it out really well, keeping it detangled; 2nd - blot hair with towel so that it's not dripping wet, to get damp hair; 3rd - putting a plastic cap on and the sitting under a heating cap or a hair dryer for 10 minutes on hot; 4th - then immediately apply a moisturizing conditioner or any deep conditioning treatment while the hair is warm.

My hair seems to absorb the conditioning properties better this way. Perhaps because the cuticle is more open.

If my hair is in need of clarifying, then I clarify first.

Also, I've found that giving my hair a protein treatment as a pre-poo, then shampooing and following with a good moisturizing treatment gets really good results.

AO Honeysuckle Rose is a great moisturizing conditioner. I often add full fat yogurt and baby banana to it. A little honey and wheat germ oil doesn't hurt either.