Yea girl. I have different textures on my head too lol and plus I am in a different climate from you. I am from trinidad and tobago. (go anya ayoung-chee!) lol. Well I have to admit that I find americans do not style their hair as much as us West Indians. They either always have it loose or in a bun, ponytail yada yada yada. So can I suggest something that we do? You might have to learn if you don't know how to style your hair so tho. cane row the front of your hair n leave the back loose like alicia keys. if i starts to frizz just wet it slightly and put some product in it. also plait your hair in cane rows the night before in the direstion you want to style it in for the morning to tame the curls a bit while u sleep. Headbands! messy buns with curls stickin out!