I don't workout twice a day but I used to workout before bed when I was going thru my initial graduate school program...I wasn't working so I usually slept most of the day, got up mid-day, went to class in the afternoon/evening, had dinner, did homework and then worked out either at home or at the 24hr gym anywhere between 10pm and 2am depending on my mood.

It was fine initially but the later I worked out the later I stayed up bc I ended up being WIDE awake which was fine bc of how my lifestyle was at the time. However this would NOT work for me now. I am back going through school again to get my licensure and I have a 5yr old so a late work out is an extreme NO NO! I need all the sleep I can get now! Lol.

Despite the fact that I still despise getting up early, the early morning workouts seem to be the best for me, bc my child is still asleep (so I truly have undisturbed me time) & it helps set the tone for the remainder of the day. If things get too hectic and I can't workout until later in the evening I keep the workout light, like a brisk walk with weights or my yoga or belly dancing dvd.
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