As with the other posts I too got fed up of having to relax all the time, plus I became more & more concerned about the amount and type of toxic chemicals that go into relaxers and how these obviously go directly into the bloodstream through the hair follicle.

You only have to imagine this going into your bloodstream every six weeks for the rest of your life and its enough to put you off for life!
Even worse is reading that children as young as 4 or 5 are using them..

Black people were the first people on this earth, we are the original kings and queens "the people that do not burn under the sun and the keepers of water" (under Africa is enough water for the whole continent if not the world, ironic that they are dying of thirst isnt it? accident or on purpose?)

unfortunately many factions work very hard to keep this conscious knowledge from us, including saturating us with mind numbing chemicals in any way possible to keep us from even asking a question. Deep but true.

We have to wake up and it starts by going back to our roots (literally!)

When Black Ruled The World - YouTube

Check out brother Phil Valentine videos too (master of metaphysics)

To me its way deeper than just transitioning the relaxer, its about the fact we should never have wanted to have straight european hair in the first place and why we define our hair as ugly.
I used to hate my hair so much and wished it was longer, silky-er, I love my natural hair so much & it FEELS right!
This is what my hair was born to be.